Summer is over, leaving space to autumn with all that entails. The days are getting shorter, the sun becomes a dancer (at least in that of Milan), when night falls you feel chilly, in all of this as we have to dress up?

I do not know about you, but I love the shorts and I use them especially in summer: for a walk, to go to the beach, for an evening with friends, and now I do not really want to set them aside in a corner. I already miss the long summer days and the sand beneath your feet.


Summer clothes even in autumn ?! Oh yes: here’s how to match them!

My long boots!


Since the temperatures still allow, I decided to wear them just for a aperitif between friends. I love the demin and then I chose these ripped shorts, a blouse with lace, pink jacket for when evening falls and my new Zara fringed heels to complete the whole.

The summer ends is not abandoned in the closet, we can wear them mixing them in autumn clothes, I in this case I opted to leave bare legs and match a pink blazer to give harmony to the outfit.

If you have the dresses you can use them with leather jackets and bomber jackets, guaranteed effect. For those not so suffers the cold you can dare, even in winter, the summer maxi dresses used we can take them with the nail leather and parkas, they become super glam and sophisticated.

What do you think? I like to mix? Waiting for your comments 🙂

Kiss Kiss



Outfit details:

Shorts: Zara

Blouse: Zara

Blazer: Terranova

Shoes: Zara

Watch: Michael Kors


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Loving this heels!



Thanks darling! Have a nice day!

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