Good morning, maidens!

You miss a few days at that time of year, the one you always have your heart’s eyes in front of the showcases. What you have dreamed so much, setting aside the desire to buy during the year to make the deal and catch the boss so desired and super discounted. Have you already understood what we are talking about ?!

Summer sales!

Summer Sale: clothing and accessories to keep you away!

Working in Corso Buenos Aires our lunch break is devoted to the search for items to buy with the balances. We hear a little Rebecca Bloomwood peering on accessories racks, dress stalls, moment handbags, and shoes.

When we get into a store our eyes become small radar that drives and searches every corner of it! We say that in life we ​​have no vices that damage our health, only vices that damage the wallet. 🙂

But tell us what it takes to get € 100 in the wallet if not to buy the pair of shoes you want, at least on that you will agree with us!

Officially in Lombardy the balances start on July 1st and so we made a small list of items to buy, selecting from low-cost stores within reach of all.

Are you ready ?! Let’s start!

Do not you want to buy a nice dress that best represents the trends this summer ?! Of course no, here are some dresses that we chose according to trends and what’s in vogue this year.

Dressed in stripes, floral fantasies, vichy prints and red color, one of the colors that will make us company for a long time! But if we were lovers of rows and flowers? No problem, from Zara we found this beautiful chemisier style dress that is made up of both trends. The red vichy print dress instead makes a very picnic and puffy sleeves give motion. We could not even choose a mini black dress that saves you from “I do not know what to put” at any time.

We love skirts and we believe they are very feminine. With a skirt you can do different outfit combinations, both for everyday and for the most important occasions.

Let’s look at the ones we have chosen to keep us from escaping:

Long and midi skirts, in vichy prints (a must have this summer), without summer being! One of yellow, floral, absolutely one of fluffy red to wear with white tee and shirt as white.

And can minigames be missing? Of course not, we are in the summer and free legged legs. We chose mini floral, pastel colors and the beard of the mini jeans with the hands that remind me a lot of Minnie Mouse, makes it a bit young girls, but still fashion 😊.

Jeans and pants are on the agenda, we all love them and wear them, then with the opportunity we can not afford to buy them then wear them on different occasions, do not you agree ?!

Pants to go go, preferable high-waisted ones that push the figure and make the dress more elegant, with a pair of trousers so and the right shirt we’re ready in the men you do not say.

As far as jeans are concerned, they are absolutely printed on, crushed and scraped.

The shirts can not really be missing in our wardrobes, so we selected the one with striped and shoulders, the super-striped one, the sleeveless waistband and waistband, the classic men’s cut in timeless white and romantic blue.

For the most dreamy, there are the H & M’s blushes, beautiful and super stylish!

Also important is the choice of accessories and with the balances they buy quite a lot of shoes, bags, bathing suits, jewelery and sunglasses.

Here are some selected for you!

In short, girls in these photos have some ideas on what to buy, have a credit card and so much patience, because buying with the balances is a business.

What do you have in your wishlist?




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Lovely selection, especially those Zara shoes.
Dusana 🙂


Yeah, we love Zara!


You’ve featured very trendy pieces! Love Zara!


Thanks dear, we too!

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