Sunglasses Our Essential accessory!

Hello Beauties today we talk about sunglasses, an accessory that can not miss in our wardrobe.

In Milan the weather is very dancer, one day rain and one sun, so we never know how to dress and what accessories to have with it. You know that when spring comes all advise to dress onion, but what about accessories how to do? We think that a little bit all of us at this time we have bags that look like Mary Poppins, as well as magic we pull out the necessary at the exact moment we need it.


Sunglasses: Glamour & Chic Eyewear!

One of the accessories that you can not miss in our bag, especially with the arrival of the beautiful season, are the sunglasses. That we adore them by now you have understood, we have proposed in several articles, here to see some models and here those rounds that remain timeless. One of the first things we do in this period is to discover new brands to update our sunglasses collection. Because for us they are really fundamental, they not only protect our eyes from UV rays, but they complete every outfit.

Looking on the net we discovered the brand EllePi Eyewear and so we have not resisted the temptation to buy our favorites. On their site you can find not only sunglasses, but also from view. We, as we said earlier, were looking for something innovative, a fun and youthful product, unique pieces to exhibit in our outfits. The models we have chosen are hand-decorated using the technique of cubication (very special technique that is usually used for the decoration of helmets, bodywork of aircraft, cars and motorcycles). This allows precision and attention to detail by offering unique sunglasses/views in their genre, not to underestimate the lightness in bringing them and being super resistant. The eyewear EllePi eyewear is equipped with the Clip On function, (it hooks up and unhooks from top to bottom), which allows a double utility by turning our glasses both from sight and from sun.

Why choose glasses that have the Clip On function?

Because they are functional, especially for those like us wearing eyeglasses. Often happens that we have on the eyeglasses, especially Blery which is the most Carter cells two:-) (no offense to anyone of course), and that’s when the sun gets bad you need those by themselves. Right now the need to change the glasses, with the aggravating that wearing those alone does not see us almost. Yes. Just like that, not seeing from afar he always needs glasses or contact lenses, the solution is often just to wear the lenses in summer to be able to wear sunglasses without problems. But why should you choose when you can have two glasses in one? Cool isn’t it?

What about… we were kidnapped by these glasses that are already part of our collection by conquering a special place in our bag.

Have you heard of them or have you already tried them? What do you think of the Clip On feature? If you would like to share the article giving the opportunity to friends and family to choose the eyewear fits more to their needs.

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occhiali da sole Clip on

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