Summer is the season I love most, it allows you to wear super light clothes and feel glamorous at the same time. A women’s t-shirt will not have the same charm as the long and enveloping coat in winter, but it allows you to create different looks. I absolutely love them, not only because they are super comfortable, but they are also one of my favorite items for outfits on vacation. T-shirts can be customized.

Just in this period, book the holidays you think about what to pack, I’m doing some outfit tests. I wouldn’t want to bring too many things with me, so I thought I’d choose a retro chic tee with the word California. Who has never dreamed of being at least once in their life in Newport beach, in one of the super beautiful villas we saw in The O.C? To leave the house and find kilometers and kilometers of beach? Well, yes, I can’t deny it. I also agree that, not all that glitters will be gold, but the atmosphere you breathe in that place, once in a lifetime I would like to see it.

One of the outfits that I thought to pack for my holidays is to bring one of the many personalized t-shirts I have, shorts and flat shoes with me. This summer Puglia awaits me, to see the cities and explore places still unknown to me, I want a chic and comfortable look at the same time.

t-shirt personalizzate

In Puglia, I was told that there are windy evenings, so what better occasion to be able to wear my new Femmeluxefinery suit? Also in this case I thought of combining it with a tone sur tone bag, which perfectly reproduces the color called the suit itself and flat shoes. I don’t know about you, but on vacation I always choose comfort, without ever renouncing beauty and elegance.

t-shirt donna

We talked a little while ago only about the women’s t-shirt, the one that can be worn not only with shorts as in my case, but also with miniskirts or with joggers and high-waisted trousers.

Otherwise you can also do as Blery does, she often steals her husband’s tee and makes her become a little dress to go to the beach.

How do you usually wear t-shirts, do you like personalized ones?

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