When I started organizing my wedding, I decided I wanted only special things. Having said that, for my mirrored tableau de mariage I relied on Katie Barners of PerfectWeddingShopGB.

I really didn’t want the classic board that you see in different marriages, even the mirrored one is now taking hold, but in Italy it is not yet super demanded and used. I wanted my tableau to perfectly match the style of my wedding dress and my wedding.

Why did I choose Katie?

Katie immediately understood what I was looking for, the style of marriage and realized for me the best tableau I could ever want. It was an impressive kindness. I had also searched in Italy, but no one had fully convinced me, so even though Katie is in the United Kingdom we have understood each other perfectly. I must say that he was able to advise me in every detail, from the choice of the font for the writing on a mirror, to the dimensions and the colors.

I must say that when I want one thing at all costs, I expect it to reach perfection. Because of some guests who, until the end they didn’t know if they were accompanied or not, I had to take time, but two weeks after the wedding I gave the OK for the press. Think of the speed with which Katie and her team worked on my tableau, then sent it to Italy.

tableau de mariage

Why choose a mirrored tableau de mariage?

I wanted to create a romantic atmosphere, so I chose to have a mirrored tableau. I think the guests also appreciated it, I saw more than one of them taking some pictures of him. I find that the idea is not only beautiful but also fun, both for adults and children.

The location did not allow for a better reflection, the ideal would have been to make the sea reflect, but certainly I could not close it in a room, as well as more decoration I thought of lanterns and rose petals.

I think that the mirror was already majestic of his, that the white writing would marry perfectly with the silver glitter, that the lantern lights would give that extra light to make this picture even more perfect.

tableau de mariage

What happened to the mirror?

You may think that he didn’t throw it away, certainly not. After the wedding I brought it home, now it is hanging on the wall, but I removed all the names of the guests, but as a souvenir I wanted to leave my heart at the end. Don’t you also find that it was too good to be removed?

If you are also organizing your wedding and want to find a super reliable supplier despite not being located in Italy, I highly recommend Katie and her PerfectWeddingShopBG. You will find in her not only a professional, but a friend ready to advise you better. I believe there is no need for me to tell you how good she is, just visit her store to realize that I have really recommended you the best. In the shop you will find much more, not just tableau de mariage.

On our instagram profile you have surely seen so many photos of Blery’s wedding, but if you need any advice do not hesitate to contact us.

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Interesting dress and your first photo is fantastic!


thanks darling

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