Travelling is like dreaming, except that you do it with your eyes open often, but not only. Those who travel have the opportunity to see the world from different angles and seem to live not only a life, but many, like the many cultures that you go to meet. The day before the start we … Continue Reading

Sunglasses Our Essential accessory! Hello Beauties today we talk about sunglasses, an accessory that can not miss in our wardrobe. In Milan the weather is very dancer, one day rain and one sun, so we never know how to dress and what accessories to have with it. You know that when spring comes all advise … Continue Reading

There are those nights you open the closet and hour fixed for the clothes that with so much effort you put in order: by color, length and sometimes based on how they were purchased. There are others instead of leaders who would you wear jostling to get out of the closet, why they are tight, … Continue Reading