The heat seems to have exploded, sunny days, rising temperatures and the desire to go out and be more and more beautiful. Not to mention the friends who invite you to parties, evenings, bachelorette parties and weddings. We know well how we women are, when we hear the word marriage we don’t understand anything anymore. … Continue Reading

We all know that nutritionists, doctors and dieticians recommend eating at least 5 servings of fruit a day. There are some who are crazy about the fruit and who does not love it at all, but today one thing can all agree!   Macedonia bags: luxury bags for the summer 2017 and not only! It … Continue Reading

Good morning beauties! How are you? Lately, because of too much work, we were a bit ‘absent on the blog and on social, but now we are back more charges than ever and with many new features of which we will speak soon. Is Friday morning, the sun shines in Milan, spring feels and the first … Continue Reading

Someone said bags?! … Yeah, there are the object of desire of many of us, an accessory that accompanies us from morning to night. We have a lot of bags: one for work, free time, dinner, events, but the problem is that every time we want a new one, one that can be the perfect … Continue Reading