Today, in collaboration with Annamaria Iannelli, we want to take you to Otranto, telling about her experience. In mid-July I spent a weekend in the fantastic Otranto, a city located on the east coast of the Salento peninsula, the easternmost point of the boot. Before leaving I had a different perception, I was convinced that … Continue Reading

Sea in Calabria, a dip in the blue could only be the right title for this article. After the wedding we could not leave immediately for the honeymoon, so we decided to have a weekend in the sea of ​​Calabria, more precisely in Tropea. Yes, we took advantage of the beautiful sunny days that this … Continue Reading

Hello girls, summer is still warm, even hot … No matter where you roam the sea, island or city, the question you have in mind is: what will I wear tonight? Often we go into panic because we think we have worn the all new 2017 available but we forget the trends that come back … Continue Reading

Good morning beauty! Last weekend I was at the sea, say a touch and escape from the heat of Milan and the work stress. In the summer every so often I find that on Friday night I go home after a day’s work and I find the boyfriend who awaits me with luggage ready for … Continue Reading

Good morning beauty, We are now in the middle of the summer and the seaside weekend has started. As soon as we manage we organize and leave for the beaches closest to Lombardy. Here we are at the Lido degli Estensi, I have to say I was never and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed … Continue Reading

Goodmorning beauties, how many of you, how we do they dream of the weekends to the sea? The days of sun and the Spring give the road to dreams and wishes, to the wish to be in beach, naked feet on the sand, a bagnetto between the waves and then relaxation to enjoy the sun. … Continue Reading

Hi girls, now the holidays are halfway through and he will soon come to the end 😢, we know that good things come to the end. The blue sea and the red bikini! Before departure we have this magnificent bikini “Te Quiero Mucho” a brand entirely Italian, bikini created by hand by specialists Neapolitan sea … Continue Reading