3 tips to keep fit even during parties!

Good morning beauty! Here we are! With the summer behind and the Christmas holidays awaiting the flock is lurking. The fact that the summer is just over and that for bikini testing is missing several months does not mean that we can let go (also because when it comes May we should do twice the … Continue Reading

The OAT: the ideal green line for the whole family!

Good morning beauty! Lately, we are talking more and more about beauty and how to take care of our skin/hair/face/body, in short, a complete beauty spa. Today we want to talk about new stuff in Bottega Verde!

A beauty world: as in Toyland!

A rain of colors and new enamels invades the ProNails salons, which are distinguished with a new long lasting enamel. Going in Pronails salons come pampered and come out with nimble fingers, as well as having a bright and safe super color that does not crumble at the first shower, or wash the dishes after … Continue Reading

Lumière Essentielle Darphin: sun on your face!

If like us, you love the scents that nature gives us this season like a good wine just uncorked, roast chestnuts, grass and wet leaves falling through the streets of the cities, but not for you the little light, the days “shorter” and the dullness on the face … well, welcome autumn. Here, all this … Continue Reading

#LFBBLOOMS: The beauty box that all they want!

#LFBBLOOMS: The beauty box that all they want, finally arrives in Italy. We have always been lovers of beautybox, as you may have seen in previous articles devoted to them, we love to receive them each month and never knowing what it contains. These fabulous, colorful and magical super boxes are delivered to our home … Continue Reading