Have you already returned or do you still have to leave for the holidays? It is known that holidays in August are the most popular, perhaps because most people are on vacation at that time. But what awaits us from these holidays August 2019? We are packing our suitcases for the start of our holidays … Continue Reading

Sometimes a ray of sunshine and a blue sky are accompanied by the sea and everything becomes magical; The fears disappear and the emotions light up. All this has a definite name: Summer!

Goodmorning beauties, how many of you, how we do they dream of the weekends to the sea? The days of sun and the Spring give the road to dreams and wishes, to the wish to be in beach, naked feet on the sand, a bagnetto between the waves and then relaxation to enjoy the sun. … Continue Reading

Hi girls, now the holidays are halfway through and he will soon come to the end 😢, we know that good things come to the end. The blue sea and the red bikini! Before departure we have this magnificent bikini “Te Quiero Mucho” a brand entirely Italian, bikini created by hand by specialists Neapolitan sea … Continue Reading

Hello girls! Trends Sea 2016: Bikini or whole? Now the time for swimsuit season has gone from a little ‘, but it remains the desire to buy the right bikini for our holidays (for those who still is not playing), or rather, what is lacking in our drawer. I just today I made a jump … Continue Reading

Buongiorno fanciulle, siete pronte per i saldi estivi? Nella settimana dal 02 al 07 luglio si apre il sipario ai saldi estivi in tutte le regioni Italiane, a Milano i negozi si stanno già preparando per il giorno tanto atteso da tutte noi, l’apertura ufficiale dei saldi è il 05/07/2016. Armatevi di pazienza e iniziate già … Continue Reading

Finalmente si conclude un’altra settimana di duro lavoro. Mentre scrivo questo post sono sulla metro milanese di ritorno verso casa. Tra il rumore che si sente, la gente che chiacchiera e il cantante improvvisato che canta “Bailando” di Enrique Iglesias mi viene proprio voglia di scappare dalla città per ritagliarmi qualche giorno di sano relax … Continue Reading