Hi girls, at this precise moment we are sitting on the top floor of the resurgent, enjoying our cappuccino cathedral view, we are almost Madonna and Milan height offers a fabulous view. We are here because shopping draws and we can not not take advantage of these days where stores make sales as much as … Continue Reading

The air that you breathe in Milan today is freezing … air of snow, which i love if i don’t go to work. It will be only in my imagination, but i seem to hear already the Christmas atmosphere. Just a few days ago i went into one of the temporary shop in Corso Buenos … Continue Reading

We always dream of girls on the wedding day, an accomplice perhaps Cinderella, but we believe in Prince Charming. Many doubts about this, here’s one very important: bridesmaids yes or bridesmaids no? For us bridsmaids yes! Be accompanied by bridesmaids in the wedding day, now it became fully rule even in Italy. Used to seeing … Continue Reading

Be pink: over the years more than one color has become a way of life. If you think it’s only a summer shade, or she’s OK girls you’re wrong: the trend winter 2017 offers the solid pink, especially pink bubble … in all its conceivable shades.   Trend winter 2017: be pink! Outfit: stripes and … Continue Reading

About trends we have often spoken in this last period, velvet (for those who missed the article), the bags, the return of animalier just to name a few. Often our follower ask us, given the influence of the trends launched on the catwalk, which are the leaders who can not miss in our closet? Trends … Continue Reading

20 years ago in England he was born the “LUSH”, a company that is characterized by ethics and innovation. absolutely fresh, hand-created and 100% vegetarian. All products are created and marketed directly by the company itself, which enables every creator to put his own face on the product made and especially no animal testing. Lush … Continue Reading

Kenzo X H & M: is for some months now that we hear about it. The long-awaited event that is born from the collaboration with luxury brand based in Paris and H & M shop we all know, we love and where we make shopping spree. Kenzo X H & M: Now in our closet! … Continue Reading

The desire of every woman feel beautiful, be stylish and have an enviable look, then almost always the answer to these wishes is: the Shopping! The pico of us women cliché is certainly being in front of the closet and think they have nothing nice to get but nothing … from mistakes, many women abandon … Continue Reading