Wedding in sight: here 5 ideas on how to dress!

Hi girls, at this precise moment we are sitting on the top floor of the resurgent, enjoying our cappuccino cathedral view, we are almost Madonna and Milan height offers a fabulous view. We are here because shopping draws and we can not not take advantage of these days where stores make sales as much as … Continue Reading

Kenzo X H&M: Now in our closet!

Kenzo X H & M: is for some months now that we hear about it. The long-awaited event that is born from the collaboration with luxury brand based in Paris and H & M shop we all know, we love and where we make shopping spree. Kenzo X H & M: Now in our closet! … Continue Reading

White september: wedding dresses!

September arrived, autumn is just around the corner but this remains one of the favorite months for all to celebrate weddings and other ceremonies. Just in the month of October I was invited to a wedding, in addition to thinking the dress to wear, choose the accessories that are best suited for such an event … Continue Reading

Sunny glow effect!

Summer is in full swing, most of us already have a tan thread, but those who are still whitish should certainly not despair. The face lands make our case, give the face a bronze effect, this is the beauty trends of the moment: a sun-kissed skin. We have already seen vip people at the Cannes … Continue Reading

Our personalized bracelet: Soufeel Jewels!

Good morning girls and welcome back! You are fond of jewelry … you enjoy wearing unique and different, a bracelet and / or necklace that tells something about you? Us to do whatever we chose the Soufeel Jewels website. A few posts ago we spoke of this very site and jewelry that offers us. Here … Continue Reading