Christmas is coming and we are all focused on defining the latest presents. Every year we prepare our wishlist in advance for the necessary time and carefully choose our gifts. Because let’s face it at Christmas everyone expects a little thought. Despite the ideas that knock on our mind at the sight of the windows … Continue Reading

Good Morning maidens, Do you also feel the Christmas atmosphere that fills the streets like here in Milan? There is no day in Corso Buenos Aires that does not feel the scent of the chestnuts accompanied by Vin mulled, the luminaries that create the right atmosphere, the shop windows that remind us that soon is … Continue Reading

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, what brings memories long gone, families all gather around the tree to unwrap the presents. I still remember when we were kids that loved her decorate the tree, dad always carried a real FIR, put in a jar and then away with the fantasy and the … Continue Reading

Hello girls! We are almost at the gates of December and as tradition can not miss the advent calendar. Usually it is composed of small windows that open to the indicated date and find our little surprise. It has always been just for the little ones and is full of sweets. But we who are … Continue Reading