Goodmorning maidens, finally we are savoring the long-awaited “spring days”, even if as usual in Milan I am a little dancers … we pass from the sun to the rain after hours. In these days to overcome the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, we relied on the most consumed black drink in the world: the … Continue Reading

Goodmorning beauties, how much do you love your cat? As much as we do? Then you just have to read this article because we talk about its well-being. Lately we have discovered the product Perfect Fit Formula Total 5 which, in addition to being a good product 🙂 no .. we have not tasted it, … Continue Reading

Good morning beauties, more and more often we talk about nutrition and how important it is, beyond the taste also the origin of what we bring to the table. The parties are close and as we are probably also you are struggling with the choice of menus. Christmas menus with Eurospin!

Good morning beauty, more and more often the blog we talk about feeding is how important it is. Some articles made us talk about smart spending, “I love being organic,” and the brand @Eurospin, who is committed to bringing high quality products on our table every day. Today we want to talk to you about … Continue Reading

Good morning girls and happy new year! How did you spend the holidays? What have you been doing at Christmas and New Year and especially how much you eat? If like us you’ve dedicated to relaxation, lunches and dinners with family, friends and trips to the mountains, now is the time to take a break. … Continue Reading

There are those nights you open the closet and hour fixed for the clothes that with so much effort you put in order: by color, length and sometimes based on how they were purchased. There are others instead of leaders who would you wear jostling to get out of the closet, why they are tight, … Continue Reading