Trains to and from Milan, travel comfortably!

Trains to Milan from there are really trying, traveling comfortably is always a priority for those who use the means of transport. Milan in this period is magical and then what better opportunity than this to come and visit our beautiful city? Milan is known as an international city, the city of fashion and design, … Continue Reading

Black minidress: a walk in Riccione’s night life!

Good morning beauty, We have now come back to that of Milan and very bitterly to work and daily routine. We know that weekend and holiday photos are published in real time or almost, but to be honest this year, we really needed to take off a bit to get more charge than before.

Alberobello: a postcard from Puglia!

Hi girls how are you? I well, though, to be returned to work after so many holidays I have to say that is tough. Every so often I lose myself fantasizing through the streets of the city that I discovered on this trip, some totally new others already known. My vacation this year has been in … Continue Reading

Polignano: a window to the sea!

Hi girls, now my holidays are over and the job is waiting for me, but look at the photos and share is always nice. For those who have not read the post of the first stage of these long-awaited vacation, you can find here.   Polignano: a window to the sea! Outfit: flutter free in … Continue Reading