How to combine a Prince of Wales jacket!

Goodmorning maidens, how did you spend Easter and Easter? How many chocolate eggs did you eat? What surprise did you find? For those who follow us on the Stories of Instagram will surely have seen that we, of eggs and not only, we have eaten so many. Now we just have to put ourselves on … Continue Reading

Good morning beauty, Today I want to talk to you about a trend that is very heartfelt: the basket bags. Ever since they entered the passageways, I’m going to go crazy between the streets of the city and above all the sea. I love them, no matter what shape they have or what color they … Continue Reading

Bomber jackets and pleated skirt: perfect match!

There are those nights you open the closet and hour fixed for the clothes that with so much effort you put in order: by color, length and sometimes based on how they were purchased. There are others instead of leaders who would you wear jostling to get out of the closet, why they are tight, … Continue Reading