Goodmorning maidens, how did you spend Easter and Easter? How many chocolate eggs did you eat? What surprise did you find? For those who follow us on the Stories of Instagram will surely have seen that we, of eggs and not only, we have eaten so many. Now we just have to put ourselves on … Continue Reading

Good morning girls, We are still counting on with a very hot and especially hot weather, so our look is quite easy and convenient at the moment. Special look: jeans and white tank top!

Good morning beauty, Today I want to talk to you about a trend that is very heartfelt: the basket bags. Ever since they entered the passageways, I’m going to go crazy between the streets of the city and above all the sea. I love them, no matter what shape they have or what color they … Continue Reading

Summer is coming and the beautiful days invite to enjoy during the weekend, a delightful romantic getaway destinations unknown. The perfect look for this madness? Practical, convenient and colorful shades … rather colorful. The first piece of the wardrobe that all we carry with us is our faithful pair of jeans. We all preferred, whether … Continue Reading

Good morning beauties! Here I am with a new post and a new outfit. I wore this outfit during the salone del mobile in Milan. The city was full of events, run from one side to the other I could only opt for comfortable shoes. What are the hottest shoes of the moment among the … Continue Reading

Il jeans è da sempre uno dei capi passepartout di tutti (uomini e donne), un capo evergreen e intramontabile che ci semplifica la vita e ci fa apparire sempre in forma. Dimenticatevi però il jeans così come lo avete indossato fino ad oggi perché cambia vita, si rinnova e si reinventa. In questa primavera estate … Continue Reading

Quando sentiamo la parola estate ci viene solo in mente mare, lettino, tintarella, cocktail, tanta frutta e verdura! La voglia di sentirsi leggere, perché l’estate ci da esattamente questa sensazione. Togliere giubbotti e cappotti e via con i bikini e abiti super leggeri, i vedo non vedo, fantasia e colore. Aspettando così l’estate 2016, abbiamo … Continue Reading