Also this year I will make vacations in Sardinia 2019, but because of so much work to do I have to go to the beach after August. If in the meantime I had to find a last-minute maybe a little thought I’ll do it. Sardinia is waiting for me, but in the meantime, most of … Continue Reading

Christmas is coming and we are all focused on defining the latest presents. Every year we prepare our wishlist in advance for the necessary time and carefully choose our gifts. Because let’s face it at Christmas everyone expects a little thought. Despite the ideas that knock on our mind at the sight of the windows … Continue Reading

This weekend was full of endless laps in my beloved Milan. Yes, I love taking a free step in this magical and engaging city, which generously gives ideas to draw inspiration from. It will be the street looks that are noticed among passers-by of different nationalities to inspire, because Milan, you know, is a multi-ethnic … Continue Reading

We are in full swing in July and the victims as we know well what it means. Stores are often stormed and patience wavers in front of endless files in the dressing rooms, just in cases like these are prepaid cards! Prepaid cards and shopping what do they have to do? Prepaid cards are the … Continue Reading

Good morning maidens, are you desperate because at Black Friday, November 23, the darkest day, but also the most eagerly awaited by shopping lovers, is still missing a lot? No problem: we in Lombardy have the Black Week-end! Are you curious to know where and when? Now we reveal everything, but in the meantime you … Continue Reading

Good morning maidens, how many of you have attended university? And how many universities at Km Zero? We have attended the physical university, the one where all the students must present themselves in the classroom to be able to follow the lessons and to support the exams accordingly. One of us graduated, but the other, … Continue Reading

 Hello Maidens, We are approaching the hot season and with it also to the famous spring cleaning… aiutooo! House cleaning is known, they are tiring and boring, especially if you work eight hours a day and when you come home the desire to do is very little. To help us women (housewives or career), the … Continue Reading

Goodmorning maidens, now that the days have become slightly longer and even the sun seems to warm up more and make us more company, is the desire to organize trips out of town and escape from the city. That’s right, it will be that since we grew up in a seaside town, always full of … Continue Reading