We are in the middle of an African heat, the much desired one, but now that we have it we are suffering a little bit. We humans are like this, we can never be satisfied. Still a little bit of patience, it will also pass quickly in July to make room for August. The month … Continue Reading

Goodmorning beauties, we know well that the arrival of spring is still quite a bit ‘, that the temperatures are still rigid and do not allow you to already think of outfits spring-summer. But this does not prevent us from dreaming and anticipating what will be one of the trends that will make BOOM in … Continue Reading

Good morning girls, how many of you want to personalize your home making it unique and welcoming as much as possible? So here is the right post for you.

Good morning, maidens! As you’ve already noticed the title, today we’re talking about bikini and the brand that holds the Big Brother Vip edition this year. Have you seen the bikini and the whole costumes that look inside the house? Beautiful, imaginative and make you want to return to the sea. The holidays for us … Continue Reading

The sentimental relationships nowadays are getting harder, because all-round love scares a bit … and I know something! Episcopal lovers kept alive and made their feelings grow through long love letters filled with poetry … eh yes, they were other times, but those letters to the lovers were a unique bond that nobody could break, … Continue Reading

Good morning beauties! Saturday night I went out to dinner with friends, the weather was not the best as you can see from the photos, the mist covered everything, but not the desire to take some pictures and share it with you. Trend P / E2017: of that flower you are! If you have seen … Continue Reading

It’s the most commercial holiday that there is and that love goes celebrated every day, on this we all agree, but Valentine’s Day is still Valentine’s Day. Beauties you have already thought about what to arrange for your sweetie? We’re still working :-). Whatever the program for the evening of love, you have to get … Continue Reading