How to organize the wardrobe in five moves, to make room for spring clothes, has been hanging around for a while now. Spring is coming both as a date and as a temperature, they are making us understand the beautiful sunny days and the air we breathe. For us women the change season starts from … Continue Reading

Ponytail, the best crop that sets the trend. If you have slept a lot and badly and when you wake up your hair is crazy, do not worry about it and do not panic. You can easily look at yourself in the mirror and feel equally awful. If they say the runways who are we … Continue Reading

Hello girls, here we are with the appointment of the review on Janeke 1830 products .   Janeke 1830: Mirror mirror on the wall …   When we look and we look with this mirror there the Snow White fairy tale comes to mind, the evil witch that is reflected believing the fairest of them … Continue Reading