How to combine the hat this season?

This weekend was full of endless laps in my beloved Milan. Yes, I love taking a free step in this magical and engaging city, which generously gives ideas to draw inspiration from. It will be the street looks that are noticed among passers-by of different nationalities to inspire, because Milan, you know, is a multi-ethnic … Continue Reading

New dress: new dream!

And if it was enough to put on a long dress, hair in the wind and no makeup to feel really beautiful in the middle of nature … I say yes … to my emotions, freedom and wind in my hair, but I say yes to my new dress bought on Yoins.

Spring outfit: as you want!

Hi Girls, Today I want to talk to you about how to structure a last minute spring outfit. You know, spring is synonymous with rebirth. Nature wakes up and makes us remember his wonders through the flowers and the colors of the landscape. This rebirth affects both our mood that our look, in fact we … Continue Reading

My outfit in Ostuni city!

Hi girls how are you? My alarm rings every day at 7:15 and off to take the metro to reach corso Buenos Aires where I work. I must say I love Milan, climb the stairs of the metro and find myself every day in the longest shopping street in Europe excites me and makes me … Continue Reading

Makeup tutorials eye: Fall on us!

Today Milan has awakened under a gray sky even if some sunshine occasionally glimpsed through the clouds. We are now almost at the end of September and the fall season is getting closer. We, the “sprint sisters”, always a bit the crazy! When we were small and we walked back to school hand in hand, … Continue Reading

#LFBBLOOMS: The beauty box that all they want!

#LFBBLOOMS: The beauty box that all they want, finally arrives in Italy. We have always been lovers of beautybox, as you may have seen in previous articles devoted to them, we love to receive them each month and never knowing what it contains. These fabulous, colorful and magical super boxes are delivered to our home … Continue Reading

Albania: traditions and emotions!

Hello everyone, how you spend your holidays? I splendidly, I’m back in my home country: Albania. Rich in history, flavors and natural places to visit. This year I have made comfortable grip, I spent the month of August to wander around and I got to rest a little among the numerous beaches of my beautiful … Continue Reading

Aphrodinet: kissed by the sun even when it rains!

Hi girls, Today we wanted to deal with you a very important topic for women: the tan. We are preparing so before sun exposure, but maybe we do not give as much attention to the treatments to last long that amber color achieved with so much effort and so many hours in the sun. The … Continue Reading

White september: wedding dresses!

September arrived, autumn is just around the corner but this remains one of the favorite months for all to celebrate weddings and other ceremonies. Just in the month of October I was invited to a wedding, in addition to thinking the dress to wear, choose the accessories that are best suited for such an event … Continue Reading

Back to office: what to reveal the catwalks?

The holidays are over, the memory of the sand under your feet, the sun’s rays on the skin, the African heat and idleness gives way to the “Back to office”. Oh yes, on vacation we accustomed too well to kick it soothing us and not think about absolutely nothing, wearing super lightweight dresses, mini or … Continue Reading