Blery’s wedding was held a month ago, as you know it was a beach wedding. Yes, we know very well that we have not yet done the article dedicated to the event, but we are waiting for the official photos of the photographer. But for the curious we have many photos published on instagram and … Continue Reading

Marriage Pamela Prati, this was and is the news that has made the most buzz for a few months now. There was no talk of anything else and they still talk about it. But besides these fake news there are also those that run in real life. Certainly the newspapers do not report the marriages … Continue Reading

We happen more and more often to face the theme of marriage. Who follows us knows that a few days still and Blery will no longer miss, but she will have chosen a wedding in boho-chic style? To find out all you have to do is follow us on the IG stories with the hashtag … Continue Reading

Blery’s wedding is approaching, June 30th is almost upon us and so the mother of the bride is anxious about her look. It may seem trivial, but the mother of the bride plays a fundamental role. Not only will the bride have to be impeccable, but also her mother, who for the occasion will surely … Continue Reading

The season of weddings begins, not that in winter nobody gets married, but mind you, but let’s say that the good season is the most important. What to wear at a wedding? … is the question that springs in the mind of each of us when we receive the invitation. Being that Blery will get … Continue Reading

The Wedding day is that special day in life where a woman is communing with her soul mate. The day is to be memorable as couples are bound together for the rest of their lives and they will marry only once. Each and every detail is to be perfect. How could one ever forget the … Continue Reading

The 2018 edition of Sì SposaItalia ended recently and we certainly couldn’t miss it. What better occasion to be able to dream and know the 2018 trends in wedding dresses? Between events and fashion shows, all that remains is to leave room for romance and that’s exactly what we did when passing from one stand … Continue Reading

If you follow us you will know by now that I am planning my wedding (which if I don’t change my mind yet it should be for summer 2019). As a child I dreamed of a big wedding, but as I grew older I changed my mind. I’m looking for a location where, aesthetically speaking, … Continue Reading