Ponytail, the best crop that sets the trend.

If you have slept a lot and badly and when you wake up your hair is crazy, do not worry about it and do not panic. You can easily look at yourself in the mirror and feel equally awful. If they say the runways who are we to not take note and talk about it?

So that’s how the best hairstyles are born. We all know the rush in the morning. Example: Blery prepares in 10 minutes because then he has to run to take the metro to get to the office on time. All this because it is a great sleeper and in the morning it is hard to wake up early.

It also happens to us, to wake up and have a mass of hair on their heads that just do not want to know that they are in order. So how to do it?

If you have followed the New York catwalks too, you will surely have noticed how the hairstyles have changed compared to a few years ago. Let’s say you have seen so many ponytails, but not as high and super smooth as before, but low and ruffled, that disheveled that sometimes we can not just tame.

The ponytail becomes the queen of the 2019 hairstyles.

So if you wake up in the morning in poor condition and your hair does not want to know just do not have to do anything else, elastic to the hand and create a low ponytail.

Exactly so dear friends, a low ponytail will solve every problem and it will be super chic. You will see that you can not do without it, especially now that the beautiful days are coming and start to dresses even unglued on the back. This hairstyle that we all know how simple it is to achieve, is beautiful and glamorous to wear.

You’ll look like catwalk queens with your low ponytail, the top of the hairstyles on your head.

Feel cool because you are, look in the mirror and smile, they will not be ruffled hair to roll the day, do not you agree? What do you think of the low ponytail? IN or OUT?


Image source: glamour.itcoda di cavallo

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