The tartan shirt, the much discussed this winter 2017, is a classic of the country and informal style, but also a fashion icon of punk and grunge.

In this post I want to talk shirt red and black paintings, loved by all, models and It Girl, a leader who combines the generation of the 90 to that of today’s millennials.

Trendy great for this season, the plaid shirt remains in the lead, but let us see how to match it.

Tartan shirt: here is how I combined myself!

Knee Boots: renew everyday look!


The tartan shirt looks good in other tartan garments, even if of different colors, eg red and black shirt and skirt panels in yellow and black square, at the foot of a pair of chelsea style cowgirl boots and you will be the true, but with the skirt.

For leisure or for work, you can wear it under a sweater or a cardigan, dark blue denim jeans and sneakers.

The tartan shirt, always the red and black paintings, can rob the place to cardigans in spring days. When the heat begins to be felt, but the morning is still chilly, you can opt for a very easy outfit. A black tee, a pair of jeans, sneakers, a maxi bag or backpack and brought shirt as a cardigan. Great-even if your look is casual.

The ways to wear the tartan shirt are varied, designers have revived and streetstyle is full.

I have purchased from H&M, as always we say, cheaply made so much, do not always have to spend as much for fashion. I love the shirts, I have many kinds, but I like this one in particular, I find it perfect for both summer and winter. I for output between friends, I decided to wear it in cowgirl dress, those who follow us on Instagram will have already got to see some pictures of my outfits premiere. Tartan shirt, dark denim slightly washed out, ankle boot and belt with double buckle that Asos is very western! All this brings to mind the cowgirls and for every cowgirl respecting could not miss the right hairstyle. Here are two side plaits compliment.

How about? You like it?



-Tartan shirt: here is how I combined myself!-


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