We see more and more often the t-shirts featured, once considered a Chief basic today become super fashion. Not that basic tee no longer, but has become the Chief passepartout, and gotta say thank goodness it exists.

You just like that! Wear with jeans and pants to go for piece, worn with miniskirts or shorts around town or at sea, with long skirts and very often with those in tulle (formerly used for ceremonies) to make them more easy and sporty chic.

A tee saves your life!

Sentimental fashion: tulle skirt!

In these days I’m doing the change of season, I must say that I have really a lot of tee; white, colored, long, short, and more and more I’m appreciating and I appreciate especially the classic monocolor.

Here for a very casual night out, or a walk in the square and the desire to enjoy an ice cream I chose to wear my white tee Celine with a pair of striped trousers. At the foot of my adorable stan smith that let you do the mileage without sacrificing fashion side and backpack bag purchased by H&M.

The evening was tiepidissima could not miss so my Zara leather biker.

I love the chiefs passepartout, ones you save at any time and become allies of any outfit.

What do you say, do you like it? You what relationship do you have with the tee?



-A tee saves your life!-


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