Good morning girls,

November also arrived, we are already in the middle, the month of misty fog and rain (at least in Milan) and with him also a boss we love very much, our very hot coat.

The choice of the coat is entirely personal, it is about wearing a garment that represents us and makes us distinguish. With it you can share long walks, romantic dinners and the hectic start of a busy day … in short, it makes us company on several occasions.

Tell me what coat you wear: I’ll tell you who you are!

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When we go into a store to buy a coat, the first choice almost always falls on a versatile dye, to be combined with very different outfits, while only at a later time and only if it gets bothered, it opts for a more viscous genre and eccentric colors.
Ever since choosing coats, they prefer neutral nuances, this year, in particular, the greyish color has become really overpowering.

Of course, one can not deny that most women have their timeless black coat in their wardrobe, but the 2017-2018 winter trend has changed the charts and the gray coat has become the new black!

Why choose a gray and long coat?

Because it’s the novelty of the season besides being chic and elegant, but mindful of girls, it soon makes it trivial by mistake outfit or accessory.

I recommend that you combine it with a total black outfit or a light-colored outfit.

Then, for those who decide to dare a little, there are plenty of other colors and shades to wear (electric blue, honey, red, beige), in short each one chooses the cut, the typology and the color that best represents it.

Because often the clothes we wear talk about us, sometimes they describe us well, others a little less, it depends on what moon we wake up. 😉

To what kind of coat you like; long and elegant ones or those over sized over-sized ones?

Below is a small selection of what the catwalks have proposed.

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