About trends we have often spoken in this last period, velvet (for those who missed the article), the bags, the return of animalier just to name a few.

Often our follower ask us, given the influence of the trends launched on the catwalk, which are the leaders who can not miss in our closet?

Trends Winter 2016: here are 10 leaders to have in the closet!

Maritime reason: Wardrobe “In Riga”!

Today we thought this article right for you, you want to update your look, inputting of chic fashion for more and use, not just one season.

Here, we can include in our wardrobe without changing style, but adding that extra something that was missing to make even more customized look mixing them with what we already have.

A small guide for shoppers, trends and these leaders absolutely mat, you can use on any occasion by changing accessories:

Military style jacket or coat, exactly that with buttons that recalls both the general. Worn with a ripped jeans and neckline fits very well both day and night.


Mimetic, it is an accessory, a jacket or an absolutely make it your own shirt. Perfect to wear with skirts and pants, heels and sneakers for a more easy outfit.


The fur coat, we give preference to the synthetic, super beautiful, comfortable and cuddly with an ultra chic tip.


Perfect long skirt for winter evenings, be beautiful does not mean to suffer the cold (under two super chilly).


Miniskirt, our beloved forever, maybe colored super to dull gray winter, wearing it with long boots and high heels.


Animalier (we talked about here), he made his big return, sfoggiatelo fearlessly combining it with bright colors such as red, or for a more glamorous effect with white.


Check, a very particular fabric and perhaps slightly hard to carry, but paired with loafers, printed tees and shoulder belt fits perfectly.


Flowers, flowers and more flowers. We’ve worn in spring and summer, the parades also have nominated them for the autumn and the ‘Winter … it can deduce that they are timeless. Perfect for all seasons, preferring flowers on light-colored clothes in summer and more in winter dark fabrics. We can not just give up floral super maxiabiti that are elegant by day (with a pair of sneakers) and night (with heels or flat sandals gem for the summer evenings).


The straight lines (we talked about here, here and here), have never gone away fashion, are renewed and always return for lovers like us.


The down jacket, the boss who is in the closet of all of us. If we want more than one, preferable ones by metal, silver, gold, bronze important that stand.

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What are our favorites? Hard to say, but we can tell you for sure that we do not reject the skirts even in winter, the lines we love them deeply and the flowers are so romantic mood.

To what do you like? Expect to know your tastes, do not be a snob share them with us :-).

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