The cowboy boots, that is also known as Texans, we saw them in all their clothes this summer. The catwalks had anticipated their influence for the autumn winter 2018/2019 season, but we can assure you that they are still very current. The 2019/2020 fall / winter season still sees them as protagonists.

If you have followed different stars and infuencers on instagram, but also fashion magazines, you have certainly seen that they have also used them during the summer. Exactly so, they are really very beautiful and versatile boots, they can easily be combined with dresses and skirts, but we take one step at a time.

The most popular Texan, cowboy boots!

When it comes to Texan boots, or cowboys, the rodeo, bulls and big masks that we always see in American films immediately come to mind. Today, on the other hand, we can safely overturn everything and wear them in a new guise.

  1. Try wearing a pair of tall Texan boots with oversize garments, such as a long double-breasted jacket, or very short skirts
  2. Changing the color gives more light to your outfit. You always think of the whiskey-colored Texan boot or black, always a must have, but also bet on the white that is definitely out of the lines.
  3. Whatever the color you choose and the model, it is important that the heel is always wide and the tip strictly triangular
  4. If you absolutely want to be fashionable, YES with python boots, but used in moderation, you wouldn’t want to be a snake from head to toe …

With these little tips you can surely create the perfect look so you won’t go unnoticed. In your opinion, can we recommend without trying first? of course not, so we made up our minds to want a new pair, by now you know us and you know that we love online shopping, convenient and fast.

stivali cowboy
stivali da cowboy
stivali texani
texan boots
texan boots
texan boots

If you say boot you say down!

We know very well that you still want the beautiful summer days, but think of the softness and comfort that only a nice duvet can give. The long one that wraps the body and warms it, the short one that goes perfectly with jeans and trousers, the long sleeveless one perfect for autumn when the cold is not yet pungent. So make room in the closet for new purchases.

Here we also suggest a small combination, Tuscan down and boots in a single outift.

Want to be a fashion cowgirl wearing your cowboy cowboy boots?

  1. Knee-length cowboy boots, miniskirt and sleeveless down jacket
  2. Texan short boots, jeans and / or rolled-up trousers, short down jacket, perfect for a jaunty day look
  3. Camperos, midi dress and long down jacket
piumino lungo

Three simple outfits for a true fashionista look. What would you add to this list? Do you like cowboy boots?

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