La primavera sta arrivando e si spera che con essa possa allontanarsi anche la pandemia che ci tiene prigionieri da ormai troppo tempo. La tuta è stata la nostra tipologia di pants preferita in questo periodo, ma con le belle giornate in arrivo, vogliamo lasciare spazio ai vestiti.

Spring is coming and it is hoped that with it the pandemic that has held us prisoner for too long now can also go away. The loungewear has been our favorite type of pants these days, but with the beautiful days coming, we want to make room for the bodycon dresses.

We still want to wear a nice dress, if only to take a stroll around the house. Of course, maybe to go for a walk we would not go to wear a super sexy and refined dress, but we can still want to dress well and admire our figure in the mirror.

One of the items we love most with the arrival of spring is the blazer. Let’s say that it is not a simple jacket, the elegance of the blazer can be felt, seen and perceived. When you wear it you feel more beautiful and self-confident. It will be that the blazer has always been associated with the working world, where self-confidence must never be lacking. Often and gladly it is also worn as an outerwear over a beautiful dress, but we can also wear it in a less elegant way.

l'eleganza del blazer

We said a little while ago that the blazer can also be worn in a less elegant way. The elegance of a blazer allows it to be an evergreen garment, which can go well with anything you wear even with a pair of joggers.

That’s right, you don’t need to be elegantly dressed for a garment like the blazer to be, let’s say it has the power to do the opposite, that is to make a suit or a pair of jeans elegant too.

With jeans we are perhaps more used to seeing the combination, as we also wear them to go to work, but can we say the same with a pair of joggers?

l'eleganza del blazer

Wearing the blazer with joggers and sneakers makes it casual chic. With a similar combination we can easily go shopping and even take a stroll around our house. Don’t you find that it remains equally elegant?

As for the choice of color we can go on the classic black or the much loved Prince of Wales, if instead we want to dare then even a red blazer must not be missing.

Being a simple but important garment at the same time, we tend to have it in different colors. We really like beige that goes well with white, red that can also be worn with animalier details. Black is worn with everything, tartan or Prince of Wales is very regal, but it goes perfectly with jeans of any color.

Are you a lover of the blazer?

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