The perfect body does not exist, on the contrary, there is not even a single body model and although this has been known for a long time, there are still many women who despair when they try to imitate the looks of the stars without succeeding in their intent. It is not certain that all the colors and all the garments donate to our body, precisely because each one of us is unique in its kind and must try to enhance its own strengths. Image consultants are well aware of this, and this is why actresses and singers always seem to be at the top, almost as if each dress was good for them! Therefore, it is right to follow the trend, but without forgetting that we are the trend, with our physicality and our personality.

How to find the perfect jeans?

In this article we focus on a must-have item, namely jeans, as it is versatile and super worn. Who among us doesn’t have at least two or three pairs of jeans in the wardrobe? They are our second skin, perfect for the day and for the evening, versatile and easy to combine to create any kind of look. Several online stores in which there are the most disparate models that fit each of us, such as the women’s jeans section of YOOX, where it is possible to find what is right for us, very easily. Now, all that remains is to understand which type of jeans gives us the most and wraps us better.

Types of body shape

The starting point is to identify the shape of your body, so that you can be more aware of yourself and the clothes that suit you, finally choosing accurately and not in bulk! So let’s see what the body shapes are.

1. Rectangle
Apparently easier to enhance, as it does not have many curves and the body is on the whole more androgynous. The rectangle woman is one of the few to be able to wear low-waisted jeans at best, even if to be honest, there are few models that do not look good on her. So let’s say that for the lucky rectangle every jeans is perfect.

2. Oval
The weak point of this type of physique is the abdomen. It is in fact a softer body that can be enhanced with tight jeans and no high-waisted pockets, to be matched with a more “fluttering” shirt or t-shirt, so as to create a broken look.

3. Pear
The characteristic of the pear-shaped body is its very wide hips and narrow shoulders. In this case it is good to enhance the waist by choosing skinny, high-waisted women’s jeans, to match with more colorful and wide tops, so as to compensate for the disproportion. Better to avoid anything that widens the lower part of the body more.

4. Hourglass
It is the most proportionate body and it does not have to redistribute the volumes, but only to maintain them. The only rule is to play on the waist, highlighting it and keeping everything else soft. Better to opt for high-waisted jeans, but not too tight-fitting.

5. Apple
In these physicists the legs are the leanest point, absolutely to be highlighted! Yes to stretch models, both high and low waist, but not too bulky, otherwise you risk diverting attention and bringing it to the upper part of the body.

6. Inverted triangle
Also in this case the legs are the strong point, the cigarette and adherent models are perfect, better to opt for lighter jeans, which give light right into the lower part of the body!

Now that we have analyzed everything well, what shape of the body do you come in? Now that we’ve seen how to find the perfect jeans based on your shapes, making the most of it is child’s play. How about if we have a credit card going shopping?

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