Good morning maidens, how is your spring going and what has brought you the best month of May? For us it was a full month in every sense, but we made many interesting discoveries, in terms of brands and not only, and today we would like to talk about one in particular. For us, natural beauty is really very important, despite the passing years we try to preserve it to the fullest. We have always loved trying different products, discovering new brands and having a pleasant surprise when testing them … if you also love new products and above all beauty products, we have found something for you.

Natural beauty in a special box!

Have you ever heard of abibybox? Beauty products for your natural beauty.

Abibybox is a subscription service, through which you can receive directly to your home, every month and free shipping, a selection of products worth € 90 (beauty, makeup, skin care, face masks, manicures & pedicures) and much more … but what is super important is that they are all medium-large format.

Abiby’s team is always looking for new incentives and exclusive products of international brands to improve our skin and beauty, as well as being super available for any doubt and / or request. All products included in the boxes can also be purchased individually on the site.

The month of May was a special month for the abiby team and wanted to enclose the best of nature in a single box. It will be that it was also the month of Mother’s Day and that the products are dedicated to mother nature 🙂

Spring is leaving us and soon we will find ourselves immersed in the heart of summer where the days are full of sun and commitments … but let’s not forget that May gave us an important party bones that of the mother … Abiby dedicates to mother nature in all its forms a very special box!

Want to know what contains the box dedicated to the best mother in the world or to nature? Let’s find out together!

Inside you will find 5 products rich in natural extracts that respect the planet, animals, and especially our skin.

  • Superfood Charcoal: this face mask, thanks to the activated carbon powder, creates an exfoliating action and opacifies the complexion, the shea butter invee nourishes the skin.
  • Coconut Body Exfollating bar: this soap is able to exfoliate and moisturize our body. The formulation includes ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid to get the best results.
  • Cc Cream: for us women the time has come to lighten make-up starting from the base. Light texture to even out the complexion
  • Body lotion: contains a fresh oceanic fragrance and a deep hydration, rapid absorption keeping the skin silky and nourished for the whole day.
  • Face scrub: and to close in beauty, inside the box could not miss the scrub for the face … this scrub thanks to the seeds of ground almonds, butter and oil allows us to have a hydrated and nourished skin by removing dead cells and prevents the first signs of aging.

Do you love beauty boxes? Do you know these comfortable beauty realities?

Write to us, no, we read you always …

Big kisses

-Blery &Ily-

bellezza naturale


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