The Sprint Sisters: Blery & Ily, two sisters many passions!

The Sprint Sisters are:

Blery, the oldest sister, was born in 1986 on a cold day in February, she hates the cold, she would prefer to live always in summertime.

Ily, the little one, was born in 1987, exactly on August 25th (the date had been reported on the calendar punctually, at every beginning of the film “The beauty of women”, fate ?!)

Durazzo is the native city (ALB), Lodi (ITA) the adoptive one since 1999, but now, they feel Italian in the heart at 100%. Since they was children, they loved to play with barbie, make-up, dress and undress them constantly creating different combinations of outfits;  sometimes with needle and yarn they used to modify the clothes of their dolls to create new ones. The years passed and they grew up, but the passions remain, growing together with them … so they decided to give voice to their ideas joining forces and devoting attention to their disproportionate passion for fashion in all its shapes and colors.

The Sprint Sisters: Blery & Ily
The Sprint Sisters: Blery & Ily

Two blondes, almost twins, never rivals and always united, opened this space to communicate their passion. They have always confronted themselves, following brands and bloggers, putting in place tips and trends, but distinguishing themselves for their personal style. More and more convinced that: “Fashion passes, style remains” Coco Chanel always said. In 2016 begins this personal project: our blog, that doesn’t pretend to teach anything to anyone, is just our window of communication, sharing and entertainment; we are two sisters … but we are looking for the third, fourth, fifth and so on… up to 1 million!

Since we opened our blog we collaborated with many brands Made in Italy and not, we love to discover their world and their products, we deal with different topics from Fashion to Lifestyle, from Beauty to Interior Design, because as we said before: we love everything that is fashion, in all its shapes and colors. This is our journey, and traveling alone is not beautiful, so we invite you to get on board. Our opinion is always 100% ours, no one forces us to write what you read.

Let the journey begin!

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