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It is a spring that was immediate that of 2017, but as with all good things there is no expectation that increases the desire. Only yesterday it seemed that winter never end, and instead here we are, we are already in March and often the sun shines even in that of Milan.

Here, in the blink of an eye we will be in the summer, we have to deal with bad habits and the pounds that first winter has given us.

The swimsuit season is approaching: I begin by myself!

How to get to the costume fitting prepared and purified!

This year I thought I’d long for attivarmi even though my days are full, between work, the blog, the company … unfortunately I have very little time to spare. But thanks to Tummy Tea Tox, I decided to take the plunge.

This miracle box contains 5 products that will help me get back in shape, help my body to expel toxins and restore balance and loses the pounds.

In the morning, before going to work, I dedicate the time to cuddle a food: breakfast. For me it is crucial to have breakfast, it helps me start the day. My box of Tummy Tea Tox smiles at me and makes me want to prepare my tea to detox day.

During the day, as I said, I am really on the run, but I never give up break snack. That is why I always carry in my purse with me Cleanse Drink, drink with antioxidants that stimulates weight loss and detoxification of the entire body. A mixture that contains acai berries, black elderberry, the patented formula CaramphenolTM (extract carambola, kiwi with a high content of vitamin C and green tea), milk thistle and dandelion root. Tasty and light to carry with you, 15 sachets to be dissolved and thus create the perfect drink, strawberry, for a tasty snack.

In the evening when I come home from work I devote myself to physical activity in the room of my house weights 😉. Oh yes, I love taking care of myself and the dress rehearsal will not find me unprepared. After a meal cooked and eaten with love I dedicate to reading, to social, to my blog in the company of another break for myself and my drink strawberry. Especially at the end of the day, when we are no forces, it comes to our aid the Cleanse Drink, contains antioxidants that restore our energy when we need it most as well as being the perfect base for weight loss.

If you too are thinking of starting on time, here goes the extra help and use SPRINTSISTER20 you a 20% discount on your box to the end of the month.

Try custom bye bye and many kisses from your Ily!

-The swimsuit season is approaching: I begin by myself!-

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Your workout outfit is so pretty and you are wonderfully lovely and sexy! Your body is so exciting, so beautiful. Enjoyed seeing it very much! Thank you for sharing these.

All Things Bright and Lovely


Thanks dear! Kisses

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