Covid -19, scientific name of the now well-known Coronavirus in Italy and worldwide. The whole of Italy is in full emergency for this dangerous virus, and the only thing we citizens can do at this moment to help the health system is to stay at home. Of course, staying indoors is not as simple as saying it, but woe to losing your smile, hope and above all our creativity. Yes just so dear friends, we must take action to spend time at home in harmony with our loved ones and do many things that before due to lack of time we could not do. To do all this you certainly need anti-virus therapy.

Spring means renewing the wardrobe

We know perfectly well that the news we hear every day brings down the morale, but we must try to think positive. As we suggested a few articles ago, not getting bored in the time of coronavirus is essential. Only in this way will staying home not weigh us more than necessary. Spring has blossomed, we look at it from the home window, the flowers give a smile and the sun warms up more. This week there is a time change, we don’t know about you, but we look forward to it every year. The days get longer and give more time. The time … what we always say we never have to do the many things we have in mind, now that we have more, we disdain it by complaining.

Time does not look at anyone and spring has started, through the streets of the city and especially the countryside the trees are already in bloom and everything comes to life, shape and color.

ridare vita ai vecchi capi

Are you ready for an anti-virus therapy that will help you renew your wardrobe and bring old clothes back to life?

These days we find ourselves with a lot of free time, what we usually don’t have, so why not make the most of it; such as renewing our wardrobe thinking about summer with old clothes already in possession. We all have things that we don’t even remember having, that we maybe buy and then remain hidden in the closet. Not hidden because we don’t like them, but sometimes because we don’t even know we have a certain garment anymore, or sometimes because we don’t know how to match it and so we put it aside.

Let’s see how to put it in order:

  • First step: open the wardrobe, look at it carefully and select all those clothes that we no longer wear and set them aside. Alternatively we can also empty the contents on the bed and then start the selection. For those who have a walk-in closet, having more space, everything should be easier.

You got it right, put them aside to be able to recreate and give life to old clothes. We don’t have to throw them away, but we try to create combinations that we hadn’t considered before. If by chance you are wondering what it is for since we have to stay at home, well we are sorry to deny you and say that at home we must take care of ourselves and be beautiful. It doesn’t matter when we go out, for when it will be we will have top and trendy combinations.

  • Second step: after selecting the items that we have in the closet, it is time to put them back on the shelves. For some people this is the most difficult passage for others the most beautiful one. Let’s see together how many ways we can rearrange the garments in our wardrobe:
    1. by kind of clothing. We believe it is the most common one when ordering. The garments are folded or hung according to the type. Dressed in clothes, pants with pants, tees between them and so on. The same also happens with shoes; heels, sneakers, flip flops etc. It is natural to make a gender distinction and then reorder.
    2. by season, on one hand we put things spring/summer and on the other autumn/winter. In this way, according to the season, for example now spring / summer change, the heavier items go below and the lighter ones above. This is because being in the height of summer, the lightest items will be the ones we are going to use the most.
    3. by color. We know this may take longer and would perhaps be more suitable for anyone who owns a walk-in closet. The effect however we ensure to be beautiful. Imagine having everything rearranged by color, pants, tees, blazers … in this way every time you have to create an outfit it becomes more immediate to combine colors with each other.
    4. you can choose to create the outfits directly. By combining the garments together, you will be sure not to abandon even one, in this way even the garments that you have not worn for a while come back to life. It is always a shame to leave without wearing something that you have purchased. The coronavirus will end and Italy will return to being free. Then we will go shopping again, to think again about the beautiful things that life will give us.
  • Third step: now that you have arranged everything by choosing the method you like best, you just have to be proud of it and admire your small work of art. Those who don’t do it cannot understand how important the wardrobe in order is for us women. Relax and enjoy this quality time, spent at home with all the comforts waiting for everything to end.

terapia anti-virus

We hope this anti-virus therapy will be useful, it definitely helps to keep the mind distracted. Renewing the wardrobe is one of the ways, but we certainly have many others, as we indicated in the article linked before. As you may have seen on instagram, we also make ourselves beautiful at home and you?



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