How many of you in these first 10 days of December feel they have run against the clock? Christmas is approaching, exactly 2 weeks are missing and there are always many things to do.

We all work and that little free time (which should be used to relax a little and rest) we invest in organizing Christmas dinners with friends, colleagues and looking for gifts for our loved ones.

We forget what we want because dedicating ourselves to others seems to be the right thing to do.

How to find the time for ourselves?

Time flows quickly and the best thing, especially at this time of year, is to find time for ourselves, to love us, spoil us and dedicate ourselves to our passions. That’s right, our mission for this new year will be to cut out small spaces to take care of our skin.

Making a hectic life, and being immersed in Milanese smog every day, our idea for this Christmas is to give and give us beauty products that can deeply nourish our skin.

To start this path we chose to rely on 50 ml. They offer high quality products, natural and without parabens. 50 ml is the ideal place for beauty enthusiasts who love to discover brands from all over the world rediscovering other perfumes, flavors and qualities. This site offers many ideas to take care of the body, face, hair, fragrances for the environment and essential fragrances for our skin.

What to give at Christmas? Without a doubt Fragonard 50ml

We have begun the path of rebirth with these three wonderful products:

Fragonard Set Patchouli is a feminine woody kit, a metal box containing a 100 ml eau de toilette and a patchouli scented plaster sculpture. The plaster sculpture is not only fragrant, but could very well become a beautiful ornament and home decor. What to say, for those who love the house and the scented boxes this could be an excellent gift idea.

Fragonard Coeur de Soleil It is a lively and cheerful fragrance. Sparkle with flashes of light with bergamot, mixed with mandarin and black currant, on a vibrant heart of freesia, absolute rose and jasmine. All supported by a fund of amber and cedar.

Fragonard Ile D’Amour Parfum It is a feminine marine fragrance. This fragrance thanks to the maritime note gives harmony of osmanthus, rose, jasmine, lilac and lily of the valley on the bottom of moss and amber.

Made like us and you will not regret it, on the e-commerce site 50ML (young Milanese company that deals with medium-high brands) super fast shipping, for those who live in Milan even same day delivery. Absolutely what it takes for those who are a gift from the last moment, but also for those who want to order in the morning and pamper in the evening.

Not to mention the beautiful packaging and super scented bags that you will find inside. Campioncini tribute to every order and an excellent customer care assistance, always kind and quick in the answers. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in this magnificent fragrant world. Here you will surely find what to give to others at Christmas, but also to yourselves.

We are ready to immerse ourselves in the Christmas atmosphere with a relaxed spirit and fragrant skin, what more do you give yourself for these holidays?

Perfumed kisses



cosa regalare a Natale


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