In the previous article on travel we told you “what to see in Vipiteno in one day” that you can read here in case you missed it. Today we want to continue our story made of information and photographs through three days in Innsbruck and a day of transition to Salzburg.

After lunch in Vipiteno and the walk through the main streets of the town, where the magical Christmas atmosphere reigned, although the markets were few we took the Brenner motorway towards Innsbruck.

If you are also planning a trip to Austria, remember first of all to worry about buying the sticker, it is nothing more than a sticker to show on the windshield and thus avoiding very salty fines.

You can buy it either on the website or directly at the reference stations along the highway, we love to travel safely and we have chosen the first option.

Arriving in Innsbruck we immediately went to the hotel, Hwest hotel, which is located at the exit from the Hall in Tirol motorway. Nice and convenient to reach both Innsbruck in a short time and Wattens to visit the Swarovski Museum.

After a shower and a brief reply we prepared to go to Innsbruck.

Arriving in Innsbruck we find a city with an illuminated theme, Christmas lights with a unique atmosphere welcomed us warmly, the large and spacious city streets made it clear that we were welcome and that the city coexists peacefully with everyone.

The first thing we perceive is cleanliness and order, although the period was Christmas time and too many people, everything was in perfect order. The first night we took it easy, we were in the streets of the center and we went to eat the gröstl. This dish was originally conceived as a “recycling” dish (cooked with the leftovers from previous meals, so as not to throw anything away), today it is considered one of the most characteristic dishes of Tyrolean cuisine. What could be better than potatoes, meat and eggs to warm up and restore energy to your body after a cold evening on the streets of the city? He could not miss to accompany all the beer.

After this healthy dinner we rested at our hotel.

The beauty of when you’re on vacation is that time passes slowly, you have breakfast with calm and you plan the day.

A visit to the Swarovski museum certainly could not be missed, if you love all that glitters is the place for you. Not only because you will see so many crystals, but the interior is a wonderful world to be discovered. We challenged the cold and we also made the whole outdoor garden which in our opinion is just as beautiful, the clouds of crystals are romantic and fabulous.

Pretzels are the order of the day and night, rightly sold at every stall and every restaurant and are deliciously good. I completely lost count of how many we ate in those days.

We also ate it on our only day of transition to Salzburg, the city of Mozart, of art and culture. After visiting the city from top to bottom, we allowed ourselves a break in the center, where many stalls were selling local specialties. Brezel lovers we wanted to taste the classic and sweet pizza pretzels. The only flaw that they were not hot, but otherwise the lunch was great. We struggled, we didn’t even find it, the famous Sacher.

I leave you some photos of these three days, sometimes the images speak more than words. I will shortly give you an appointment with the last leg of this Christmas trip. The next stop in Munich.


Immagini Innsbruck

tre giorni ad innsbruck


Immagini Salisburgo

tre giorni ad innsbruck

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