When we was little girls he happened to see the mother, or the aunt sitting before the mirror, in their beauty routine area, (a simple mirror propped on the dresser) and tap on the face a clear liquid. Curiously we went to read the label printed on the bottle and the sight of the word “toner” we did not know what to think. Concern growing and increasingly more of us also to the cosmetics world, we understand the importance of this gesture. Cleanse the skin of the face is the best gift that we can do every day to our appearance. After thorough cleaning with cleansing milk is essential to complete our beauty routine pat with a cotton pad toner. In addition to eliminating the cleansing milk residues it needs to leave skin clean, fresh and radiant. The tonic also helps protect the skin from bacteria and pathogens.

Face toner: a beauty caress!


Every skin type needs its tonic, why L’Oréal has created three types according to the needs of each one of us. If you want to get to nice and bright Christmas, here is the right facial toner for you!

Dry and dull skin: Brightness Sublime, toner transparent, enriched with active illuminating that in addition to clean, cleanse and tone our skin, gives the lost brightness saluting the problem so dull skin.

Normal and combination skin: thanks to its Hydra-Claryl ™ formula shrinks the pores in oily areas, balances and cleans deeply giving a fresh and toned.

Anti-aging: day after day, our skin ages, leaving space at the time of age and the appearance of wrinkles, the so hated. No problem, our appearance will always remain nice and bright with the right products. Why L’Oreal has created an anti-aging toner helping the skin to acquire its normal elasticity and radiant complexion.

The right way to use it? Just a minute …

Experts advise to pat the product on your face to get a pleasantly cool, bright and above all compact. For people on the run can also transfer the toner in a spray bottle and spray it on your face for an immediate feeling of freshness.

Facial toner, our beauty caress. Only with the passage of the years you understand what this step is an essential step, it helps our skin to regain lost youth, brightness, say bye bye to dull skin, dry and I can care. The beauty of a woman is perceived by his habits. Choosing the right cosmetic according to the type of skin is critical to preserve our beauty as long as possible.

You are using the toner regularly? If you which brand you are using?




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