Trains to Milan from there are really trying, traveling comfortably is always a priority for those who use the means of transport.

Milan in this period is magical and then what better opportunity than this to come and visit our beautiful city? Milan is known as an international city, the city of fashion and design, but there are so many reasons to take a trip to Milan. One immediately is the lighting of the Christmas tree in Piazza del Duomo, the Sforza Castle that illuminates Milan with its lights, the Christmas markets that you can find in the streets of the Duomo sipping mulled wine and savoring the roasted chestnuts intoxicating. Who comes to Milan does not give up shopping, of course, just steps from the Duomo you will find La Rinascente, the largest warehouse in Italy offering 8 floors of real luxury. Not to mention the fashion quadrilateral, credit card in hand and away with Christmas shopping.

Trains to and from Milan, travel comfortably! From today you can with Italo Treno! Traveling comfortably is always a priority!

If, on the other hand, you want to admire what Milanesi is a bit like at the seaside in Milan, on the Darsena (Navigli) a wonderful atmosphere awaits you with its enchanted Christmas decorations and markets.

But the same applies to us Milanesi who want to go and see other cities of Italy, because Italy is all beautiful and deserves to be explored. How to move? Traveling by car or bus is often stressful due to traffic (the one in Milan is often terrible), but fortunately our beautiful city is well connected by trains, even at high speed.

We often use Italo to travel with many advantages: it is convenient to buy in advance the ticket at the station or online with the ability to change the timetable independently and for free and it is easy to find a ticket that easily interlocked with our schedules as Italo offers more than 60 trains to and from Milan every day.

Train schedules for Milan are easily available on the Italo Treno website, a very complete site that offers various information, because those who love to travel know that it is always better to do so.

We have already bought our tickets online and we can not wait to discover the wonders that Italian cities can offer in this magical Christmas period. Where do you want to go beautiful? Hurry up on the Italo Train offers are waiting for you.





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