Put on a trench coat and suddenly you hear Audrey Hepburn strolling along the Seine: these are the holy sacred words of Michael Kors – STILEO.

Do not you think so girls too?

With a trench coat you immediately feel beautiful and sure of yourself the moment you wear it. The trench coat is exactly the perfect garment for the change of season, when you leave the quilt because sunny days start to keep us company and it is perhaps too early to go straight to the blazer. The trench coat is the must have item designed for the needs of every woman, for this reason we will see it as protagonist of the spring summer 2018.

Trench coat: the overcoat par excellence!

Spring outfit: as you want!

Raise your hand to those who do not like it! We simply adore it, not only because it is the king of coats, but because it combines perfectly with both casual and elegant looks, skirt or trousers that you decide to wear is absolutely perfect. But if you think of the trench only and exclusively as the head of color camel, double-breasted, with belt at the waist and so on we say that you are slightly behind the law of trends launched by the catwalks and seen during the fashion week.

The classic trench coat is always perfect, but why not try to make it a little more pop and fun?

And here we are satisfied, we have seen colored versions, colors ranging from yellow to purple, from neon pink to white, military green .. the color that puts everyone in agreement, the red can not miss and the black master of any clothing. But the colors certainly did not end there, there are still many, the must-have item for this spring is not only classic fabric, but also vinyl, paint effect, laminated glossy and creased effect, but for those who do not like colors can opt for the transparent one, that is the plastic color.

What do you think of these super-colored trench coats, strange effects, would you like to wear them in everyday life or do you see them more suitable for occasions like fashion shows and events?

Whatever the personal opinion of each of us, the beige / camel trench remains a garment for life.

Kisses Girls


Image source: Pinterest
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What a cute coat. Love the different print.


Thank so much!


Nice coats, love ya xoxo
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Thanks dear!

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