Hola … this winter seems to have lasted too long, but today the sun finally shines in Milan and we can say that it is also hot. We now know well that we pass from one end to another, one day I still wear the down jacket and the one after a short trench coat. But what should you do? Let’s say that time does a little what it wants, and if we listen to the forecast there will be a weekend of water again.

So today, driven by the desire for warmth and sunshine, I allowed myself the luxury of a trench coat. This year I call it luxury also because we really move from winter to summer as if nothing had happened. To be honest, we really hope the heat comes, June is approaching and we need some good weather. Have you understood what I am referring to? for those who have not understood it, this article can surely find out more.

Short Trench coat I love you, but how do I match you?

Today I decided to pull my trench coat out of the wardrobe, which will surely be a trend item for this late spring, or rather summer to come! The trench coat is a timeless garment, there is today, there will be tomorrow and there will be forever … Today I decided to wear it with a pair of jeans and my maxiborsa that accompanies me always and everywhere. We women know how important big bags are, inside is our world.

But if it was long how can we match it?

Let’s say that the long coat is by far much more elegant and perhaps even easier to match. A long trench coat can very well be worn even with long dresses and skirts, both day and night, making it just like a coat. It is not necessary to wear it, especially if the dress we wear is for an elegant occasion, it would certainly be well supported. Let’s say that in this way it fits in perfectly with the elegance of the dress.

What to say, I give you some little advice as an image assistant, now that the trench coat is … and I recommend you let me see your photos and let me know what you think. On Instagram and the stories section follow us to be updated in real time on the news.

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