Goodmorning beauties, we are finally to Friday, our favorite day of the week 🙂 !!

Away all the labors and ready for the long-awaited weekend. Your week how was it? Our between work, blog, social, family and friends flew.

A few posts ago we told you about the food program Tummy Tea Tox, here Ily had made you see how he prepared to test costume, including training and Cleanse Drink, drink with antioxidants that stimulates weight loss and detoxification of the entire body.

I few posts ago I talked instead of 10 days in order to start the change, with energizing tea Daily Kick Tea (awakens digestion and gives the energy to face the day) and Sleep Tight Tea (it helps to have a relaxing sleep and the body to regenerate).

Tummy Tea Tox: 10 more days to shine!

The first 10 days of this program are used to prepare and accustom the body to change and weight loss. To achieve the desired results we must add to our program Tummy Tea Tox another 10 days, by introducing the digestive enzymes and probiotics that definitely will clean the body and reactivate digestion.

To do all this Tummy Tea Tox provides a pattern to follow and make everything easier and less boring.

Breakfast! Snack! Lunch! Snack! Dinner!

Breakfast is recommended between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00, it prefers a healthy and hearty breakfast to start your day. After breakfast take a cup of tea and a Daily Kick Slimbiotics + Capsule Capsule a Happy Enzyimes.

From 10:00 to 11:00 when we feel a little bit ‘of hunger and wait for lunch time we can grant us a snack, such as a low-fat yogurt or nuts.

Lunch from 12:00 to 15:00 (should be eaten in peace and devoting the right time, but alas’ as we all know, we are always in a hurry). Free choice, but aware of the courses to be preferred, Tummy Tea Tox does not want to upset the habits only help you achieve the results in the least tiring and boring as possible. After lunch take one capsule a capsule Slimbiotics + Happy Enzyimes.

A thousand errands to run, phone calls and email to manage, store mail from … the right time to take a break and enjoy the afternoon snack is recommended between 16:00 and 17:00. Not to ruin our dinner and exceed with snack, Tummy Tea Tox comes to our rescue with the drink strawberry Cleanse Drink. Something sweet, but not too much, easy to prepare and good to taste.

At the end of the day we are all tired, but the dinner will never waiver. The right time for dinner before 19:00 would be to allow our body to recover from the stress of the day and to digest. After dinner, take one capsule a capsule Slimbiotics + Happy Enzyimes.


SLIMBIOTICS: it helps to have a balanced intestinal microflora, a healthy gut and good digestion.

HAPPY ENZYIMES: aids digestion and removes puffiness.

Before going to bed yet indulge in a minute of relaxation in the Sleep Tight Tea company for a better rest.

I’m not following this program for two weeks now and at the moment I can not but be favorable. You’ve tried it? Follow some food program?

For those interested in buying the site of Tummy Tea Tox do not forget to use the SPRINTSISTER20 code that entitles you to a discount of 20% on all products. Warning code is still valid for today.





-Tummy Tea Tox: 10 more days to shine!-


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