Good morning beauty,

I had promised you to take part in my holidays and here is here, albeit somewhat late, the post dedicated to them.

Tuscany mon amour!

Invited to a wedding: here’s what to wear!

At this time, unfortunately we are devoting a little time and space to the blog, we try in all ways to keep social up to date, but it’s not that easy.

For a series of work and family problems, we had to slow down a bit, but promised that once everything has been resolved we will be back and forth.

Let’s go back to us and my holidays that now seem so far away and I miss so much.

I miss the sweet nothing to do, wake up without the sound of the alarm (a nightmare), do sea viewing and then relax on the beach. Our hotel on the Gianella shore offers spectacular views both day and evening. The morning buffet breakfast and sea view, the evening à la carte (special convention for guests staying in the facility), the sunset that made the company color all of a fiery red and pure romance.

The days were practically relaxed, this year I was exhausted and I was looking forward to resuming the forces, but I just loved spending the day at the seaside. Long walks with feet in the sand, baths to cool off from the heat and so much sun cream to not become a lobster.

We did not miss the excursions, that is, those days we always cut to go to the wonderful cities and places that host us.

The 16th of August was the turn of Siena, a beautiful city and with Palio’s chaos the day was even more intense. A city that really deserves to be visited, for the beauty of the square, to see the first Monte dei Paschi, to feel the cheer and the joy of the various districts and so on.

Another wonderful place was the Giglio Island. Enchanting panorama, just arrived with the ferry you can see right away Porto town that welcomes you full of colors, cheerfulness and tourists from all over.

If you want to immerse yourself in the heart of the city you must go to Giglio Castle, a village of medieval origins that welcomes you to the highest and inner part of the island.

Whatever I say, I would like to go back and enjoy some more days, but now I just have to wait for Christmas holidays.

Where did you go?





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adoro Toscana, questa regione ha un clima particolare.
belle foto 🙂


Grazie, hai ragione, Toscana è una favola.

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