The sentimental relationships nowadays are getting harder, because all-round love scares a bit … and I know something!

Episcopal lovers kept alive and made their feelings grow through long love letters filled with poetry … eh yes, they were other times, but those letters to the lovers were a unique bond that nobody could break, not even the distance or the passing of years.

A love message 2.0!

Nowadays we deal with the era of social, technology and digital sentiment.

Why did we end up falling in love with a chat? What has changed over the years?

Over the years everything has changed, even the way to see love … we all have smartphones that allow us to download apps of all kinds …

Knowing someone online has become more and more common, and nowadays, in the digital world, love and love relationships are born and broken with the speed of light, with a click.

How do they love young people today and especially where they meet?

The answer is very simple: there are so many dating apps that can be downloaded free on our smartphone; the most popular and known in the world is undoubtedly BADOO with 360 million users.

With this app you can be a small particle of a big puzzle. First you need to create a profile with your data and photo, then throw yourself into a beautiful adventure and as many singles as me can be a great opportunity to meet new people, and why not even have an invisible wire that guides you to the love.

Who did not dream of knowing the blue prince just as in the movie Is it posted to you ?!

Badoo offers this opportunity and a range of services to communicate best by exchanging information, data, photos, in short a real relationship behind a chat.

With badoo dating real people behind authentic profiles, you can meet singles by chance or search for affinity, put in your favorite profiles, see if someone has made you like your profile, find out who’s in the market, and much more.

Matches That Leave The Sign!

All of us, at least once, have tried to meet someone through a chat, maybe because of shyness or because it’s easier to break the ice, but the basic idea is that these apps help relate directly from our cellphone with a click.

I like to think that chat lovers when they are online give you just as strong emotions as the epic pastime lovers. It just changed the shape and the tools they use to express themselves, but the emotions are not, they are true whether it’s a handwritten letter or a message saved in space.

Do you think about these apps, like badoo, that they help us relate? What do you say, will I find love ?! 🙂





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I never heard of this app before but I am sure one day you will find love!

Happy Wednesday, babe!
xoxo, Vanessa


Thanks darling.
This is an international app.


Oh, seems it makes sense to try out this app!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


Oh darling, after tell us if you tried it!


sinceramente non sono una fan di incontri online.


A volte si può cambiare idea, conosco molte persone che hanno trovato l’amore in Chat.

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