A rain of colors and new enamels invades the ProNails salons, which are distinguished with a new long lasting enamel. Going in Pronails salons come pampered and come out with nimble fingers, as well as having a bright and safe super color that does not crumble at the first shower, or wash the dishes after dinner.

Colors reminiscent of autumn and winter decorations. Decorum tricot for hands clean lines is also ideal for those who marry in the winter and who want to break the mold, but always with class.

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Makeup brushes, our friends everyday. We know well what they are worth, and how important it is to have some good brushes for the success of our make up. Here is a totally brand quality: UBU (Urban Beauty United)!

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Essence, the mark for excellence and affordable for everyone. Raise your hand if entering a OVS store has never stopped to try and buy essence products. For those who still do not know, for the entire month of October we find in the pallet racking born of the essence of collaboration with the four beauty bloggers. Each of them has created a palette combined with a glaze, ingenious and practical idea to take with you on the go, all in a single solution.

Do not forget, however, the vast shades of lipsticks and nail. Also during the months of November and December 2016 you will find in stores the limited edition “girls just wanna have fun”. The trend edition is distinguished by its bright pink, fuchsia, purple and its unmissable en-pieces such as lipsticks, peeling lips and duo enamels from the combination of colors and really cool pack.

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The denim is also being introduced in the make-up as well as being the most used fabric and loved by designers in 2016 and by all of us that we wear. The demin with its blue tones captures every eye. Catrice, make-up brand that goes perfectly with the fashions of the moment, he thought well to introduce denim also in the make-up collection “Denim Divine” consists of:

Eye Palette (in colors ranging from nude to deep blue)

Eyeliner (blue matte texture night leading back to demin)

Lip gloss (coral and nude)

Blush face (peach color for a bonne mine effect)

Earth face (sun-kissed all year)

Nail polish (midnight blue, coral, bright red, beige and nude)

Catrice the older sister of the brand essence, closely linked to the world of fashion as opposed to essence that marries the world of music, it also has a critical eye for the fashion industry, during the fashion week in Paris in collaboration with the designers Gauche Caviar has created a limited edition: The Fleur De Nuit.

The Fleur De Nuit is composed of:

 Mini Eyeshadow Palette Eyes Golden Blossom (three matt eye shadows in fashion colors perfectly aligned and a rosé pearl coloring)

Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Eye Cream Antique Pigments (highly pigmented with a creamy texture and long-lasting)

Lipstick Lips Floral Dress (two colors: pink with a bright finish and dark red with a matt texture)

Illuminating Face Silky Reflections (enriched with light reflecting pigments, the powder compact face with two combined shades, gives the complexion a fine brightness)

Precious Colour Nail Enamel (four exclusive colors from pink transparent with bright golden hues to light dove, from the bare delicate rouge noir)

Clutch for Best Make-up Case (from the extravagant look made from high quality vinyl fabric)

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We just have to take in the shops and buy the one that catches our eye and our imagination so making us an early Christmas gift.



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