Today I want to show you the beauty and skincare products that I have received to test. The months of lockdown have slowed down all shipments, once I got back to the office I saw all these packages arrive, believe me if I tell you that I had to bring everything home with the trolley. 🙂 Well no, I’m not kidding at all and I’m not even talking about my other blog, where I talk about travel and food. Yes, exactly, if you want to see how fresh pasta is made at home or an idea of ​​where to spend the summer or Christmas holidays you could find some interesting articles.

Since the products I received are from different companies, I decided to make an unboxing video, where you can see in detail everything they sent me and what I purchased.

Those who know us well know that we not only test what they send us in collaboration, but Ily and I also buy products that we like, we always try to find innovative and cutting-edge products not only for our beauty, but also for yours.

We like to take care of our beauty routine, but at the same time we are happy to share the products we test with you, helping other women to feel beautiful is for us as if it were a mission.


In this video I discard some beauty and skincare products. The first product you see is from Find, both the lipstick and the lip liner. Both have a very soft texture, leave the lips well hydrated. The price is really nonsense for the quality of the product, for convenience and for more information I leave you the link to the site where I myself purchased it.


The second package I am going to open contains anti-cellulite products that I purchased from Veralab. If you have not heard of it yet, it is the cynical beautician, so Cristina loves to define the pink space, where she produces and sells high quality products, with super concentrated active ingredients to counteract the daily problems of the skin of us women. Cristina and the Veralab world do not promise miracles, but with the right products, patience and perseverance you can see the results. I purchased the Slim_me Bende kit, thanks to my purchase I asked to have a discount code for you too.

 10% discount code – BLIB-5692-SEOXVV80

The discount code you see above is valid on one of the following purchases:

I’ll reveal another secret, by registering on their site you can have an additional 10% discount code, but I don’t know if the two codes can be accumulated, but a discount is always convenient on any purchase.

The third unboxing package of beauty and skincare products that I show you in the video is by Barò Cosmetics. It is an Italian company that produces high quality cosmetics and uses wine therapy. Using Barò Cosmetics products is like being in a spa, for the moment I have only used the face mask and I must say that I found myself very well.

Again I chose to try their anti-cellulite products. As soon as I try the patches I will tell you what I think about it. By now you will have understood that I love to test and where it was useful to recommend the same products.

Last package, but no less important than this unboxing is the package that Pixi sent us. We have been collaborating with this beauty and skincare company for a few years now and we are really happy. The products present themselves, are of high quality and in Italy can be purchased from Sephora. The pack contains 3 face toners, one in maxi format and two in travel format, also perfect as a gift.

This is the first video, there were a lot of packages and I didn’t want to bore you, so I decided to break the video. I’ll meet you with the second video on Wednesday 03 June 2020 at 18.00.

If you have questions about the products or simple curiosities ask me as well. Instead if you have tried them and you want to let me know what you think I will be happy to read you and have a chat with you. If you want to subscribe to my youtube channel I will be really happy, in this way you will not risk missing other videos.

unboxing beauty e skincare

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I love verlab and estetista cinica! I am using their products since a couple of years now. I can recommend olio denso. 🙂


Thanks darling

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