East and West two realities that you have always been looking for, despite the huge cultural differences. When we see on the streets of Milan women covered by the veil there is the question:

The veil enhances or hides?

Velo couture: hides or values?

The swimsuit season approaches: I begin by me!


You know, women love fashion, no matter what religion they are or where they reside. Wealthy Muslim women have always been attentive to their appearance, for most of their shopping is a moment of leisure, that devote great care to choose the right pieces of their wardrobe.

Women of the Middle East are very vain and often know the collections of major brands and the dream of many girls is to become designers. Just think of the month of Ramadan, which besides being the month of fasting, is also a large social party. World famous designers have created some real collections dedicated to this month. The idea of making you feel beautiful Muslim women for Ramadan Rush, allowed the most passionate sets of wearing unique and designed specifically for the occasion.

We know what really the Modest dressing? The modest fashion phenomenon is booming, this is collections designed for Muslim women who love fashion and the fashion world by following the rules of the Koran.

The abaya or hijab, namely that black dress that covers the entire body, has always been viewed negatively by the Western world, as a boss that limits the freedom of Muslim women and hiding. Come to think of it not really, there are women who wear it as a matter of fashion, love bright colors, prints and embellishment, combining the veil that fits.

We want to talk about the more unconventional? Of Mypster?

You will say what will never be Mypster, women are the Muslim girls hypster, namely hippie, girls going against the tide pulling out their “I” in any situation, even in the way they dress. Wear the veil, combining not only the abaya, but especially to Western mood; example 12 heel jeans, shirts, trousers and a headscarf.

What we want to think and tell you with this article is that women know how to sell themselves, the veil does not hide if you do not want or you are not forced, but enhances, respecting those religions and traditions of the places where we live.

Just think of colossal fashion and the shop Windows bearing floral gowns (one of the trends of the moment) with the turban on his head; in this case is absolutely wanted the combination, as the long dress expresses femininity and the turban adds a plus to the outfit.

This phenomenon is booming, exploded recently, but there is already talk of astonishing figures in the fashion world. Viva free fashion modest, then makes women free to choose and dressing.

What do you think about? Have you ever dressed up like this? Have you tried Oriental combinations? Let’s talk together!






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