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Once again we bring you into the world of weddings by tackling a new topic, that of the Bridal Veil.

The Wedding Veil has a story to tell. Years and years ago, when marriages were still combined, the veil was used to hide the bride her future husband until the end of the ceremony. Her husband was not to look at the beauty of the bride, but her soul, the veil hiding the face for this reason, so that her husband could not backtrack. In the middle ages, the Bridal Veil was decorated with beads that were used to drive away the evil eye.

Let’s say that over the years everything has changed and the wedding veil remained only an accessory that complements the dress. Many however are brides who decide to do without it and don’t wear it right.

You are for the veil or no veil?

We are definitely for the veil, we find it to be an accessory that completes and give something extra to the outfit that day so special. In September he marries our cousin and was just looking for a veil that was good for the dress you chose. She came out of this online site, Airmode, offering everything for the wedding day, from clothes to Accessories. We were struck by the variety of dresses that can be found within this site, Princess wedding, outdoor wedding, seaside, in the countryside and more.

For each dress, your veil.

She is organizing on outdoor wedding, Lake, her dress will be a cross between the Princess and the Mermaid, the personalized attention to detail and the veil would long long that flourishes upon his arrival.

The model of the veil which has chosen is very simple, so complements her gown lace, we obviously can’t elaborate and show you what exactly will the veil that will wear, but we can tell you that it’s one of those that we describe below.

In September we will be able to reveal which is the choice of our cousin. For those in search of the accessory that makes the difference, without spending a fortune, the site Airmode is the place for you.

Tell us what you think of the Wedding Veil, you wore on your wedding day you wear/lo?

velo da sposa

While she was taken with the choice of veil, we focused on evening wear. Weddings are the perfect opportunity to wear long dresses, evening dresses that maybe are not worn at all times, even blacks why not! On the same site we found these beautiful little robe de soirée noir, long, lace (match with the dress of the bride) and are very beautiful. Black is a color very refined, if broken with the right accessories is fine even for a wedding. We have not yet chosen which will be our invited dresses, but the ones that we show here we like very much. What do you think?




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