Versace men’s shirt, we happened to see it everywhere, not only the original version, but also in smaller brand stores. What do you think of this fancy shirt for males at home? Considering also the fact that not all boyfriends and husbands are exercising, how could this fantasy fit them?

I, on the other hand, will be ancient, but I always prefer to steal the classic and much-loved white shirt from the male wardrobe. I used it this spring to create sparkling looks as time and temperature dictated. We went from hot to cold and vice versa and so I had to choose to dress intelligently.

Are you wondering how I did it?

Very simple … think of a male garment that has never gone out of fashion and that we are forced to iron over and over again during the week because they change it every day … in short, you have certainly understood which garment it is: the their beloved white shirt !!!

Over the years, the classic white men’s shirt has undergone several transformations and we cannot forget its evolutions to be always sexier on men.

In recent years, however, the concept has changed a little in considering the white shirt as a purely masculine garment … therefore from a basic garment of the male wardrobe it has become a revisited female garment and with the addition of a little more cloth it has turned into a fantastic “maxi shirt” to be always trendy and never miss a look.

Timeless and seductive, but also comfortable and versatile … the white maxi shirt can be worn by everyone, whereas the Versace men’s shirt would be a little more difficult to match.

The white shirt has become a symbol of the creativity of us women and it has not been easy to transform it from a basic piece of the male wardrobe to an emblem of pure seduction.

How to wear the maxi white shirt?

The white maxi shirt can always be worn, it always makes you feel in order, even when we leave the house quickly in the morning. For the day I recommend you focus on a casual chic and comfortable look while keeping clean lines.

If you want to bet on the maxi white shirt also for an evening outfit, dare as much as you can, make it a short dress with a nice belt at the waist, the leather nail and super sexy welds.

There is little to add, the white maxi shirt is also conquering Hollywood … where dreams become reality and reality becomes a dream!

Today I propose a casual chic version of the white maxi shirt, I opted for a simple and comfortable look for a classic working day.

What do you think of the men’s versace shirt and that white maxi? Do you find it comfortable and at the same time sexy? let me know below in the comments and remember to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on current trends.



camicia versace uomo

versace men's shirt
Versace men's shirt
camicia versace uomo




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