Good morning beauties!

You also stoves the whims of weather, gray and Milan, who divides her time between days of rain and wind and other Sun? Let’s face it that spring this year seems to have given way to autumn, but we will not let ourselves be discouraged, the Sun and the sea takes its upwind.

Waiting for summer: what kind of bikini are you?

A few posts ago we talked about Wishlist for a weekend at sea, today we want to repeat the same theme: the sea! Will we love the holidays the sea, sunbathing, long walks with your feet in the sand, but we wanted to renew our tray of bikini.

It will be just that, the stores have already put on display the new collection of bikinis from different patterns and swimsuits with laces and transparencies, but we could not select the essentials for a summer full of sensuality.

We usually choose more ber bikini, thus leaving the task of the Sun gild our skin, giving us that thread of Tan which makes all the most beautiful.


The bikinis this year are:

effect lingerie, transparencies, lace fabrics decorate the cups and the bottom giving pure sensuality to the wearer,

contrasting tiled effect decoration

like last year, this year we are featuring the bikini with tropical fantasies, Palm trees/flowers and animals drawn.

Bathing Suite:

the whole costume is gorgeous, perfect for the beach, but if combined well for the city. Wearing it with shorts and skirt, replaces perfectly on top and sculpts the body.

This year the fantasies of swimsuits have indulged, per chi vuole dare absolutely breathtaking neck red, animal cartoon prints, but also to be the sexiest pool parties.

You have already seen the models posing this year? Credit card in hand and below a selection just for you!





-Waiting for summer: what kind of bikini are you?-


Diesel costume intero
Diesel : 143€
Costume intero cartoon Moschino
Moschino: 159€
Watercult costume intero zigzag
Watercult: 129€
Zara costume intero
Zara: 29.95€
Mango costume intero lacci
Mango: 35.99€


Primark bikini
Primark: top 9€, slip 6€
Blumarine bikini
Blumarine: 160€
Twinset Bikini
Twinset: top 78€, slip 45€




Desigual bikini
Desigual: top bikini 35.95€, slip 29.95€


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