Good morning maidens, are you desperate because at Black Friday, November 23, the darkest day, but also the most eagerly awaited by shopping lovers, is still missing a lot? No problem: we in Lombardy have the Black Week-end! Are you curious to know where and when? Now we reveal everything, but in the meantime you get a credit card, leave your husbands and boyfriends at home, leave the children for a day to grandparents or fathers and with your friends organized a memorable day. What are we talking about?

Black Weekend at Rozzano’s Fiordaliso!

Wait for the black friday? We have a black weekend!

Just so dear friends you have understood very well, at the Fiordaliso di Rozzano this weekend, or from 25 to 27 May 2018, will be held the black weekend of shopping.
Let’s face it: when it comes to shopping, we all find the right excuse to spend a little money. Now, with the arrival of summer, you would not want to buy that pair of sandals that match perfectly to the dress you have in the wardrobe? Or make your bag that you’ve been longing for? Shopping is so good and if there are sales, it’s even better.

But come to us and to the Fiordaliso shopping center: one of the biggest shopping centers in Lombardy, open 7 days a week, offers 130 stores of great clothing brands, that we women love, household goods, jewelry (because, as he said the great Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are the best friends of the woman”), accessories, gadgets, electronics, telephony and much more. There is also a large hypermarket Hyper, where you can find everything you want, to make your palate happy.

What shops do we find inside and why dedicate this black weekend to themselves?

Do not worry about the way of travel, the center is easily accessible from the exit 7bis of the west ring road of Milan and has 6,000 parking spaces, so there is room for all of us. 🙂 We can also go all together, if you want, only us women, to enjoy a day of shopping. Between a purchase and the other, we can take a break in the numerous relaxation areas and choose what to eat in one of the over 20 restaurants and bars (even from Old Wild West, for example, it will be Black Weekends!). And why not say yes even to a stop at the hairdresser? So we can make ourselves beautiful and, once back home, wear for him the new dress, just the one bought with the sales of the Black Weekend. The invitation to dinner and the evening tête-à-tête are guaranteed !!!
For those who are already thinking about holidays, like us, we recommend a pit-stop in the travel agency to get ideas and suggestions, and a tailor-made jump to shorten or change a garment that may not fit, so you can wear it during the holidays.

Mothers do not despair, if you do not have anyone with whom to leave your children, the Fiordaliso center offers the solution for children, who will have fun in a world dedicated to them.

Well we told you almost everything and now you just have to mark the date on the calendar and dedicate time and money well spent. Find more information on their site and the event page:

What are you going to say?

Kisses girls!





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